To help Pastors and church leaders understand and live out the principles of Serving leadership while providing them a safe place where they can grow, connect, and find the support and encouragement they need.

What is a Leader Huddle?

It is a facilitated peer group of leaders, meeting on a consistent basis (either online or in person) in interactive meetings, that are focused on mutual learning, growth, support, and the encouragement of one another.

Why Join a Leader Huddle

During each meeting you’ll discover and learn new insights based on the life of the Jesus Christ, that will help guide you on your leadership journey.

You will learn and grow as you engage in conversations about essential serving leadership topics that are related to the challenges you face daily, and get support for growing critical leadership disciplines (habits) and skills.

You will be able to connect and establish relationships with a selected group of your peers in a facilitated, confidential, and respected environment as you walk together as a community of leaders who all want to grow and accomplish God’s purpose for your lives.

You will receive support and encouragement from others who face the same challenges that you do, as you share, listen, and pray for one another. You will get different perspectives, feedback, and the vital support that you need. Leadership is a struggle, but you don’t have to do it alone. We believe that is that this will be one of the most impactful 60 minutes that you will spend each month.

Who are Huddles For

Leader Huddles will be initially designed for two types of leaders:

First, we will offer a Leader Huddle for Pastors: senior pastors, executive pastors, discipleship pastors, etc.

Secondly, we will offer a Leader Huddle for church staff and ministry leaders: Elders, deacons, youth and children’s ministers, ministry team leaders, small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, men’s and women’s ministry leaders, new and potential leaders.

How Leader Huddles Work

Leader Huddles are a peer group of 6-10 leaders, led by an experienced leader that serves as the group’s coach-facilitator. Huddles are structured as follows:

Monthly meetings will be 60 minutes long (1 hour)
Dates and times will be determined by huddle members
Huddles will meet for 10 months of the year (every month except for July and December)
Each meeting will begin with prayer, followed by a 15-20 minute lesson on a serving leadership topic. We will then spend 15-20 minutes discussing the topic and applying the lessons we’ve learned to our life and leadership. Next, each member will share with the group about a challenge, issue, concern, or praise. Finally, we will spend the remainder of the time praying for one another.
Huddles will initially meet online using Zoom and may transition to in-person meetings depending on the desires of the Huddle group and any COVID-19 concerns.
There is no cost to join a Leader Huddle. Any materials, lessons, etc., that you will need will be emailed to each huddle member without charge.

Your Huddle Leaders-Facilitators will be Mike McCormick, Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Church (Pastor’s Huddle) and Fred Waggoner, President of the Bluegrass Christian Fellowship (Leader’s Huddle for staff and ministry leaders).

Expectations of Huddle Members

Encourage, support, and respect one another Maintain strict confidentiality of all conversations Participate in the discussions and share your experiences, concerns, and needs Attend all meetings, if possible

When will the Leader Huddles Begin?

Here is the timeline:
November, 2020 — Huddle groups will have their first meeting during this month. At these initial meetings, we will organize the huddle group, have each member introduce themselves, present an overview of Serving leadership, and allow group members to decide when (date/time) they will have their meetings.
Pastor’s initial Huddle meeting will be held on Thursday, November 12th from 9-10 AM (via Zoom).
Leader’s initial Huddle meeting will be held on Thursday, November 12th from 7-8 PM (via Zoom.
January, 2021 — Huddles will begin meeting.

Please contact Fred Waggoner at fredwaggoner@outlook.com or call him at 859-312-5334 if you have any questions.